White Outs...

...are normal in the middle of nowhere. There have been a couple this year so far. This is yesterday...image

You can barely see the serviceberry at the end of our sidewalk. image

Our backyard...if our shepherd was still around she would love it! We have had a couple good winter snows here in the last 7 winters. A few have resulted us and our neighbors to the north, stuck between a nasty S-curve to the south and the hill just north of the neighbors. image

Usually when this happens we are stuck for 2 days. That is until the road grader comes out and makes a path. Thankfully we have only lost power twice in winter. All these polar vortex's & arctic blasts have reminded of our first winter here and how the furnace would kick on every 5-10 minutes and it was still cold. Our "best" memory would be from one particularly cold morning, just after a good storm. We were on the main floor at the time in a northwest bump out. That room is always cold in the winter, but this specific morning my hubby got a shocking surprise when he stepped out of bed...Snow! Yep snow, in the house. We are still not sure how it got in, thinking it got thru the very poor siding/foundation. When we sit and reminisce about our winters, the stepping out of bed into snow tops them all.