When All Else Fails

...go see Paul

But not on Thursday. Because apparently he doesn't work on Thursday.  

I have been making sort of weekly trips to my local health food store for the last couple weeks now. 

Sometimes for Helga [Hello Helga]. Once for Hank. But still 4 times now so far. The third time I meant business. I was bound and determined to walk out of there with as many bottles of things as needed to get rid of Helga. And her spawn. 

But alas it was not meant to be. For good cause though. Paul wasn't in.

Apparently Paul is never in on Thursdays. Or mornings. So I decided it was best to postpone my spending spree to another day.  Like the next day. Because I am sick of her. In snow. Because I am in town and not wasting the chance for answers. 

Paul does this amazing thing called muscle testing. And he does it GOOD. Paul tested me on a few different things. And his first pre-test guesses were not knocked out as an option. He did, however, find 2 things my body said yes too. Yay!


 The first is Super Primrose by NOW. I take 2 of these in the morning. After my probiotic. But before my “regular” supplements. Primrose has “naturally occurring gamma linolenic acid (GLA).” An omega-6 fatty acid that our bodies need. It is amazing both for our skin [from what I been reading in Marie Veronique’s book “Acne Answer”] and our hormones. We also need omega-3s. But that is another thing.

The second thing is Liver Blend SP-13 by Solaray. I take 2 of these at bedtime. Not only does it have milk thistle and dandelion. But it also has burdock, artichoke, kelp, and peppermint. Now Paul mentioned something interesting about the time I take this one. He mentioned that there was a time to organ correlation. Something about the time you should take this, it meant a specific area of the body needed it. I wish I would have asked him more on this. Because it sounded like I may not be taking this specifically for my liver???

Another interesting note. When I was discussing Helga and Paul’s remedies with my Chiro. She mentioned that the milk thistle and dandelion were gut cleansers. When I started this search I was wondering if I needed some sort detox/cleanse. Now it looks like I may be killing two birds with one stone?!? That would be amazing.

P.S. I am not a doctor. You shouldn’t go in and just buy things willy-nilly. I was all set to buy a blood cleanser and DIM {Diindolylmethane]. Neither would have worked to get rid of Helga. Paul specifically checked me on DIM and it was a no. So just because something may be good. Doesn’t mean it is going to be good for you or what you need. Talk to your doctor first [if you trust them lol]. Especially if you are on PRESCRIBED medications. If you’re not on prescription meds and you live near Sterling Illinois just go see Paul [Facebook].