What You Can Get Done in A Month!

get done in a month pin.png

Apparently, it is a lot.

  • Put up backer board.
  • Make a plate rack.
  • Create a photo gallery (here is a helpful post).
  • Paint a kitchen.
  • Finish the wood flooring in your in-laws house!!!
  • Make wood ledges (from the awesome Shanty2Chic).
  • Make an executive decision and install a vintage door.
  • Change out a bathroom faucet.
  • Design a moulding look for your home.
  • Update your bathroom fan.
  • Decide on a paint color for your living room....which has been a pain for over a year.

Whew!!! Those are just a few of the things we have accomplished since the new year began.If you head over to my instagram you can get a more in-depth glance at the last month or so. Not including an interesting mattress decision AND finding out our tub surround is on its last legs.  And the most major one of all? Switching from Wordpress to Squarespace.

We have more projects coming in the future and keep checking back for those tutorials in that slimmed down list of things you can get done in a month!