We're Loggers, We're Loggers!

Yesterday I was all set to go to my mom's for the day {and night} then fate struck. I knew we had to be in my hometown at some point soon for a dental cleaning {no pediatric dentists in the the area} but wasn't sure when and I couldn't find the appointment on my phone's calender. Half way to my mom's my phone rings while I'm driving. It was the dentist, A's cleaning was Monday, ARGHHH! Ick, after some finagling with my chiropractic appointment that was for today, in previously mentioned hometown, we changed our course. We dropped the diddle-widdles {Deedee} at my mother in law's house and got groceries and then lunch with my mom, who drove down to the half way town.

After N finally getting his wish to leave Culver's {he just learned how to use his bike really well, so he's focused} I called the hubby and said "hey we should get wood tonight." Apparently it didn't dawn on me that the truck was loaded from the load we got Sunday...another argh! I unloaded about half of it before the hubby got home. {I would like to note that I loaded most of this load.}

image{Above} the truck had some massive size babies on it.

image My hand on one of the big honkers...pretty darn good for someone with heart conditions and heart failure!

imageMy hubby has the easy job - use the crawler to knock it down...

wpid-wp-1427420494255.jpeg...and then cut it  up with the chainsaw.

imageWhile me and my sloggers {I love them, they are amazing} get the heavy work!

imageWe got the truck a little more full than this and most of the rest were bigger than you see on the truck. It also ended early. After hubby fixed the blade I noticed it was sounding different {he didn't notice}, almost rattling more than I thought it should. I was right, apparently something went on the pull cord {no clue as to what its called :) } and now it needs to get fixed, thank you warranty.

I think I have had enough cardio for the week since the hubby only loaded 6 logs!