Update: Compost It!

So here we are almost the middle of April {almost tax day, eek} and we are still composting. If you remember back in February my post Compost It about how to build a composting toilet. You will know that our septic froze, and it is still frozen.When we first started out we bought a 2.2 cubic foot bag of peat moss{fertil•ome} and a 6lb bag of agricultural limestone{hi-yield}. image

It has been about 2 months now without a toilet and we have used about half the peat moss and maybe a 1/3 of the ag lime. Our system? I am going to do a throwback. If it was #1, we let it collect in the small bucket and then dump it in 5 gallon bucket out side. A #2 resulted in dumping it in a 5 gallon bucket{already had about 2" of peat moss} under/in the seat box then covered by a gentle covering of peat moss. Most of the time it does not smell, when it would start to have a little odor, I would and a thin layer of the agricultural limestone. You know this while composting toilet is pretty awesome! I plan on keeping some of this around the farm after we finally get a flushing toilet back for when our power goes out or someone has a virus. As much as I am enjoying the compost toilet {sad? Weird?} I will be happy when our septic thaws... In May? Hopefully!