Under the Weather

Why do they say "under the weather"??? Supposedly it has nautical origins, but that means nothing to me after having a headache of varying levels of uncomfortable and pain for 3 days. Today turned the tide on this wave of discomfort, I managed to sleep in {8am...for me it is sleeping in} and then was able to nap most of the morning and then about half the afternoon{on the couch}. Most of my normal remedies were not working for my noggin, so a day of rest seemed to be the best option. My babies all behaved wonderfully for me! No loud fights{or bright lights} or destroying of chew toys. I am somewhat paying for it now and am wide awake at midnight. The best part of my evening tonight was at bedtime the kids came in my room to check on me and my son asked me if I needed an ice pack since my head hurt and he could get one out of the freezer for me. He is 5 and never ceases to amaze me on how much he loves to help his mommy. I think tomorrow some homemade brownies are called for to reward awesome behavior!