Two Rooms Ahead of Myself

Sometimes I get so excited about something that I start jumping ahead of myself. I am on the tail end of N's room{Yes!!! - fist pump} just some little touch ups, then some finishing of the living room. One project for the living room involves stain/varnish a 6' patio door, a 4' window and an 8' bay window {I love it!} will wait until next year. I hoping to get most of the living room done by Christmas. I know ambitious. So of the "two rooms ahead of myself" N's room is 1 and the living room would be 2...but here I sit looking at this...


What am I going to do about this? We had a replacement window there but it had been taken out and then put in again. So the problem was every time the rain or snow came hitting that wall we had lots of moisture...sigh and mold. So we ripped that window out and put these windows in. I love them, they are so easy to open! My plan? I am thinking of huge distresses corbels on either side of it with a huge built in shelf like thingy {love it?} across the top with cabinet lights illuminating the sink. Something like this maybe... image

{I found this on Pinterest, but could not find it on there website.}

Was thinking maybe a red? But that could be my Christmas fever striking me.