Two Birds, One Bush

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush...right now I feel like one of those birds in the bush.

It is sooooo hard sharing the "bush" AKA workshop/garage with another bird. Especially if he is not the most tidy of birds. As you may have guessed the hubby and I are the birds and the bush is our workshop. It is really a garage, but I never can fit my Jeep in it. It is always full of projects we are working on and the tools for them. So frustrating to try and work when it is half full of projects and a mess on top of it. I would tackle that project in a heartbeat if I did not have to hear about him not finding anything.

Take today for an example, I am trying to finish the trim for N's room. We have two sets of sawhorses...TWO! At first I complained about the mess and that he had stacked boards on top of my trim. Mind you he was not even home. Instead of grabbing the one set of saw horses that were still sitting in the middle of the yard from a recent drywall project, I complained & griped about having to just put the boards wherever and finish them where they lay. I was already having an interesting day...possibly even one of those "moments" from Mom's Night Out, which is fabulous! I have been having a lot of profound moments lately...I think it is God working on me. Anyway, I was on my next to last piece of trim and thought to myself, "this isn't Hubby's problem," okay well he did leave the saw horses out. I had an epiphany, a maturing thought, stop being a big whiny butt and put your big girl boots on and go get those saw horses yourself! Writing it out and reading it, it looks infantile and I feel somewhat childish but at the moment it was profound. AT least though it did make me change most of my attitude about my day.