A Tiny Space Bathroom

We seem to have been all about the bathrooms last winter + spring. We did the parsonage bathroom {a glimpse of that process here} and then we got asked to help with the Hubby's sisters bathroom. She would be in-law #7. I have the kids numbered. It makes it easier for y'all. I am dubbing their bathroom the tiny space bathroom. It was a mess. The plumbing. UGH! The tiny space bathroom really needed an updating. So we gave it to her. #7 and her fiancé had demo'dmost of the room which saved us a lot of time. Hubby had one oops and that was knocking out the toilet line resulting in a flooded bathroom AND water running out around an electrical fixture in the basement. Thankfully that was the only major problem in this bathroom.  It turned out really nice,  and I am so happy for them!

The Tiny Space Bathroom

Tiny Space Bathroom After

I'm sorry I don't have a full shot of the bathroom. As soon as I get one I will update this for y'all.

All supplies were bought at Menards.