The Wiring Broke...

...and not in the house...for my heart! I was stupid, stretched and broke the lead for my AICD...dun, dun, dun.This has been one the most interesting years I have ever had. After my new years resolution of getting the house finished we have had an exciting episode every month.

Recap: January - Drain line froze for the bathroom of our old farm house. February - Happy Valentine's day, the septics froze! March - good bye Tempo, hello Jeep (car payment). April - lost my Grandpa...the go to guy for any question. May - our beagle was diagnosed with under active thyroid ($300 vet bill). He has a monstrous growth that keeps getting bigger...thinking we may have to put him to sleep. June - I get to stay at the hospital for almost a week for broken lead for my AICD {I have/had multiple heart conditions}. July ? If the beagle makes it until then we will probably be putting him to sleep. Also the septic really needs pumping so it may be both.

I would like to point out that I am leaning heavily on God and my husband and that I am done with this...can we be done now?