The Ticking Fridge

I have a time bomb in my kitchen. It starts ticking at random and then thunks. I hope it does not explode...sigh. Or catch on fire. Which could actually happen since I smelled overheated electrical the one time.  Seriously though, my refrigerator is making death rattles. It ticks and it thunks. After fixing the freezer 3 times from defrosting into the lower half I think the fridge is done. I spent what little energy (head colds with body aches suck) cleaning out the freezer portion yesterday morning. Fun fun fun.  The tell was the soggy bananas. Thankfully stuff towards the back was still solid and I do not keep meat in it.  So today I am starting my official hunt for a new refrigerator.

In my dreams, I would be looking at a gorgeous fridge with vintage flair. Or one with the option to have cabinet panels. Sigh. Nope for my immediate future. I will be lucky if I get my somewhat attainable french door style. That is if I do not compromise on wanting something that does not stick out a foot into the room.

So here is what I am looking for in a new refrigerator.

  • french door
  • easily fit into a 36" wide space
  • no overall depth deeper than 31.5"
  • no fancy stuff

Simple right? Nope. I am trying to stay as close to $1000 as possible. So the french door that I want may become just bottom freezer. I may lose out on cubic ft and I may end up having water and ice dispenser which I know will not work with our nasty water and cause fights between Princess Pea and Handsome Hank. I really do not care what color. Although I would like to stay away from black. These 2 are the ones I am looking at because they fit the space.

A little about the fridge we have now. It sturdy little workhorse that bought at Menards before we got married on sale for $400. This one at Menards is very similar and its price is at $849. Sigh, definitely more than we originally spent. "Upgrading" the refrigerator is something I have wanted to do, but at Christmas time just does not sound like the most fun time to buy an appliance.