The Snow is Falling...


The snow is falling outside this Valentine's Day.

It looks so pretty outside with the snow coming down. Today is Valentine's Day yet it is just another day at the Old Country Love farm. We usually only get excited about 3 holidays here, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Sadly not much fuss is made for Valentine's day and Mother's least nothing sweet or romantic from the hubby anyway. Right now he is working while feeling under the weather. After he works {up and gone by 3am and get off about 3pm} he will more than likely have to go plow for his dad {on a mini vacation}. I have a feeling it is going to a repeat of my last Mother's day..."happy mother's day", hear a little bit about his day, and then he started to snore. He is so lucky I am not an overly romantic woman. My gift for him? Homemade barbecue...a double batch. Lol technically he has to share with my brother-in-law #5 though. :) I guess I did get a little Valentine's day present, I got to go with one of my few friends {I have a very strict friend definition}. We went to a local {okay, really 30 minutes away but in the boonies that is local} art shop that was hosting a coloring night the local Historical society. If you are near or passing through Geneseo, IL you really need to check out Smith's Studio & Gallery I had a fabulous time, then I came home to an empty house and a king size bed all to myself and DeeDee!

Brother in law #4 house hunt

I know it has been awfully quiet here this week but we have been busy. I have been doing odd little things around the farm-house to make it more functional and pretty {posts as I get them finished},house hunting for brother-in-law #5, as well as a huge piece of furniture. I won't go into too many details on the piece of furniture, but we are taking Lacy {here} and adding a hutch top {her name is Victoria}. It looks fabulous! I should have a post on Lacy & Victoria in a week or so. They are in my living room right now waiting for paint and stain. Yes a two-tone and it is our first. I am also trying a new type of paint so there will be a review on that as well.

We have a lot of projects coming up. After Lacy & Victoria, we have a bathroom remodel, a custom bath wall vanity, a few furniture projects, and possibly a bit of remodel on another house {for my brother-in-law #5} all while trying to finish our house. To top it all off, we are going to do some deep tweaking to the kitchen as well. We got into a little argument before deciding to tweak the kitchen, oops. Something about it's not how I want it/he wants it thing and how it would have been nice to do it the way I really wanted it the first time. So yeah most men don't care what it looks like as long as the wife is happy about it...except pink. Any who, that argument and extremely cold tile counters resulted in putting the stove where I wanted it originally as well as some other changes. Going to be a LOT of post material.

Well I just texted my Grandma on the farm, I am off to email my Grandma on the beach! I hope y'all have fabulous Valentine's day no matter how you plan on celebrating it!

Valentine's Day