The Refrigerator is In!


Well, we finally gave up the ghost on the old fridge. After 11 years of hard service, we retired her about 2 weeks ago. And I don't think the poor girl would have made it much longer.

One of Hubby's jobs involves a payout at the end of the year. And this year we decided some of it needed to go to a new refrigerator. In The Ticking Fridge, I talked about what was going on with our refrigerator and what I was looking for in a new one. Well, let us just say I got most of my requirements.

After my search back in November, I knew I wanted to purchase it from one of our local stores. And after some facebook stalking of refrigerators on a page I am in and checking out the Samsung refrigerator I was considering, I knew it was a no to that one. Between a lot of people having issues with their Samsung refrigerators and the lack of functionality on the inside, it was a no.

So that left the GE model.  The problem with that one was it was brand new. Like supposed to be going on display this January or February new. And it was the 19th of January. At the store, we check to see when it would be coming in. February. 9th. If I was lucky. And then we would have to schedule a delivery date. Bugger. Hubby was adamant that we needed a refrigerator before then.  And deep down I knew it too.

We were basically at a starting point again. I knew I didn't want the Samsung. The GE would take a month to get here. In the world of refrigerators, there is a lack of 33" wide and countertop deep options. I could write a whole series on the idiocies of things like that. Like maybe 3 under $2000. The very nice lady, who actually happened to live one county road over some years ago, showed us some display models. They had a model on display that was on sale for the same price as what the GE refrigerator I wanted was going to be. It was the color I was wanting, slate, and the perfect width. It had most of the same options I liked about the other GE. The depth was 37 1/2". Double Bugger. I was a little leery of display models. Display models can be bad or good. Our gas range was a display model and it has been wonderful. My mom bought a display range and it has been a pain.


After some haggling with the hubby about the depth, we decided to go with the GE display model and a 10-year warranty. And, thankfully, they could deliver it Monday the 22nd. It meant a bit of demo and rebuilding over the weekend, but I knew I could handle it.

When it arrived that Monday the kids were so excited. Tuesday morning Handsome Hank's first words to me were, "Mom, when I got my drink this morning, it was FREEZING!" Safe to say I think we were definitely overdue for a new refrigerator.