Tarkett and DuoFoam

Thoughts from an experienced DIY'er on Tarkett laminate + DuoFoam underlayment

After all that cleaning out and demo, here, we got to tackle that flooring for Handsome Hank. If you remember, we had a puppy (he is going to be 8) accident one morning and decided it was easier to upgrade the flooring. We were on a strict budget ($100) AND I would like to note I am super picky about the locking edges. We traveled our way to Menards, we had a few options but I let Handsome Hank choose the one he wanted...you know he is 6 now and big boys get to help make big decisions. He chose Tarkett Occasions in Italian Walnut. I was okay with his decision because the samples pieces clicked easily together yet it was very hard to pull apart after locked. Menards had a promotion running where you got a $25 rebate for underlayment. YAY!!

After waiting the 48 hours for the flooring to acclimate to the room, we started installing the laminate Saturday morning. But first the underlayment. We chose the DuoFoam with Self Seal( info here and available on Amazon) . I primarily chose this because I did not need an insulating factor and the budget of course. With the DuoFoam we would get all our money back in rebate. We shop a lot at Menards so this is a good thing.

The DuoFoam impressed me more than I thought it would. It was easy to install and tougher than I thought it would be. My only tip I have for you is to take some duct tape and tape the underlayment to the subfloor. It moves pretty freely.

Simple diy underlayment, DuoFoam with Self Seal

It has an awesome edge, as its name says Self Seal. One edge has this thin strip of adhesive...

The adhesive strip for DuoFoam with Self Seal underlayment.

...and the other side has a clear plastic flap to lay over the adhesive.

DuoFoam with Self Seal flap side

Just make sure you get the flap on correctly, make sure the foam edges are touching, NOT overlapping. This adhesive does not forgive. And lay one strip of this at a time. I definitely would use the DuoFoam again it was easy to install and inexpensive.

DuaFoam with Self Seal - edges touching DuoFoam with self seal - flap overlaps the adhesive strip

Now for the laminate. This is where it gets fun. Remember we chose Tarkett Occasions in Italian Walnut. Sigh. It. Was. Not. Fun. For some reason or another the short edges were a beast to get together. It took me over an hour and a half to get 2 and a half rows done. {I would also like to say that Tarkett (UK) acknowledged my complaint via twitter, awesome!}

2 and half rows after of Italian Walnut by tarkett installed.

And by the time I got to the entrance I had 4 pieces that looked like this...well this was the worst one.

One of the pieces I used as a tapping block.

The instructions said to tap the short ends together...yeah, that's not how I got it in. I ended up having to slide the short ends together (a whole row at a time), tapping with a piece like above to connect it all the rest of the way. The long lengths went down easy peasy.

Almost done with Tarkett Italian Walnut floor.

I managed to get all but the last strip down, we had plans for the evening. The hubby cut and installed it later for me. He did say that there would have been no way I would have been able to get it together the way the directions said. He had to use his muscle to force the connection. Seriously people. Whatever, it is in and it looks beautiful! Handsome Hank is happy and I am happy. And the dogs are happy because I have an easier surface to clean up the next time one of them has an accident.

Tarket Occasions Italian Walnut