Sweet String Heart Art!

Tomorrow being Valentine's day some of you may be scrambling around trying to find a last minute present. Now I know I am usually on a budget. So cheap and cute are always a must.

Rambling through the local-ish Walmart trying to find some inspiration in the craft sections I stumbled across this cute galvanized "Love" cut out. Bingo!!

This is the perfect "base" for a cute + sentimental present Princess Pea and Handsome Hank can create for their Oma (Great-Grandma).


The supplies are simple; our "love" cut out, pink yarn (like the kind for tatting), brad nails, alligator hooks, and a piece of wood. Our Oma loves reclaimed wood so that is a must.

I didn't sand this piece of wood but I did spray it down with shellac to give it some protection.

After applying your protectant (you can use spray polyurethane, it is the easiest) is dried attach your alligator hooks onto the back. You want to put these on first. It just makes things easier.

Next, decide how you want your cut out to look on the wood. If you have kids helping ask them for suggestions. This is a great time to teach a lil logic + critical thinking.

Draw or print out your hearts. Take into account the area of space that you have to work with. After the hearts are drawn I tack the papers down in 2 key points so the paper doesn't move if you have kids helping. After that it is super simple to stay on your lines. And remember with kids in the mix there may be squabbling and not so perfect shapes.

When the lil boogers....I mean angels...get the brad nails all hammered in then they can rip that paper off. I start them off by tying their knot for them and they can string away. I finish them off again with another tight knot. A good thing to do since this is yarn is to hit the yarn ends with some fray check (find at sewing stores like Jo-Ann's). I added 2 - 1 1/4" finish nails to hang the "love" cutout on the reclaimed wood.


I put in some 1 1/4" finish nails to hang the "Love" cut-out to the board. And to add a personal touch I added an " a +n -heart- oma".