Subfloor √

Day 3 of A's warm up meant subfloor time. Her room is so much warmer than before!Subfloor - relaxing in a warmish room

Subfloor - starting to lay the new subfloor. We had to add support for the floor in one spot. Subfloor - fixing a flaw.

Subfloor - the added 2x to make install easier

We used 3 4x8 sheets of 3/4" plywood to give us a good footing. Subfloor- first layer done!

First layer done (3/4")! On to the next layer, we used a 1/4" thick sheets to give us a smooth transition to the other half of the subfloor we did not have to take out. Subfloor - adding the 1/4" to make it smooth.

Second layer done (1/4")! Subfloor check!! Subfloor - first row of tar paper

We actually got all the felt paper done! Tomorrow we start laying the floor, woot woot!

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