Stove Hood to the Rescue!


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Stove hood in and time to reattach propane to stove!

So this interesting view came at the end of our day friday. The day was long. Hot. And fraught with bad attitudes...but it was all worth it. {The fingers in the upper right corner are handsome Hank's, he took this shot for ya.}

Kitchen missing the stove hood

I woke up recharged and anxious for the day. As you can see from the picture above our kitchen misses a critical appliance, a stove hood. Most people can live without one. Well I have lived 10 years without one and thankfully our bathroom was right next to the stove for the last 9 years and it had a bath fan. For some reason whenever I cook burgers on the skillet I ALWAYS create a haze. I was tired of it. The hubby was tired of it. The kids and dogs were tired of it.  When we decided to move the stove from its spot, I knew that meant I would be able to get a stove hood, yay! I know, sad.

30" Broan Stove Hood

We decided on this beauty,  30" black beauty from Broan...really I did after trying to get ahold of hubby, 30 minutes in the store, multiple texts to my mom that turned into a phone call to mom, and lots of whining from whichever kid I had...I try to block that part out.

I wanted it to look fancy, and not SEE the hood. AND we had no cabinets on that wall. So we had to improvise. A $300+ fan that was meant to be enclosed is just too much money for us, so I was inspired by Young House Love and there diy covered hood. We...hubby, I pulled a muscle in my hip so its hard to move...started by making a 2x4 rectangle with a board down the center roughly the same dimensions as the stove hood. Then we used 3"+ screws to attach it to the wall.

Support frame for the new stove hood

Then we had a "what now" moment...

What to do next...stove hood


After some naughty words, inconvenient positions, and more sore muscles on my part. We got the rest of the major framing up for what will be our future hood cover! Since our ceilings were angled, the hubby cut to short pieces of 2x4 at an angle and attached them to the ceiling. after installing the first one and hitting a stud, I had to sit my bottom ON the stove to hold the level to make sure everything would be kosher. Let me say one word on that, ouch. When we got to the left side we ran into a snag, no stud...then the long 2x4 came to the rescue. After getting the framing all secured to the angled ceiling, we attached a piece of 3/4" ACX to the bottom of it. Then we got into the dirty work!

Cutting the hole for the ducted stove hood!


We had dust everywhere! Not just drywall but, lath and car siding too. I swear hubby went in and out the back door 5 times to get the hole just right for the venting. The Broan hood we got can ducted or non-ducted. I went with the ducted because 1, I play with poly and such in the winter and need the ventilation and 2, I have been hearing and reading about non-ducted hoods being linked to cancer and such. I try to avoid those sorts of things as much as possible.

Attaching the stove hood to the support frame.

Once we got the framing and hole situated, and the electrical prepped, the stove hood just went right up. Seriously people, 5-6 hours of prep work and it was up in like 15 minutes. Exhilarating and depressing all at the same time. But we were all smiles by the end of it.

Princess Pea and I when we installed the stove hood.

The stove hood is all in and ready to be made pretty...and I know exactly what I am going to do with it!

Stove hood all installed!