Stairs + Pipe = Rail


Okay we have really awkward stairs so we had to be creative in coming up with a stair rail that would not take up to much space. In an 8' x 2' 6" area we have 9 steps, 4 of them angled, a landing, a decorative ledge AND an itty-bitty attic door. Talk about a lot of stuff for the space.

I am qualifying the stairs as part of the bathroom project since they are connected. (Please ignore the stairs and extension cord for the light.) This is our stairs before I started working on it this week... planked stair wall - stari rail will go here

my son showing you how tiny my stairs are{My little helper!}

types of black pipe you will need for stair railKind of amazing that we are going to make a stair rail out of 1/2" black pipe! It was pretty simple, just create your design and then screw the pieces together.

My hubby and his assistant trying to find the right height for the railing. Needs to be a good height for me and my little guy.

putting the stair rail on the wall

This is the short wall at the bottom of the stairs.

pipe stair rail on short end wall

{2 flanges, 2-2" nipples, 2-10" nipples, 2-90 degree angles, & a coupler}

long pipe stair rail installed{4-flanges, 4-2" nipples, 2- 1/2" T connectors, 2-90 degree angles, 2-18" nipples, & a 24" nipple}

The view from the previously mentioned landing. You can see both the long and short rails

view of pipe stair rail looking down

Pretty excited to have the walls painted AND the stair rail!!! I still have to do something with the trim and we still need to finish some planking and replace the stairs themselves...sigh. When it is all done I will post pictures from when we bought the house and when it is all done...SO EXCITED!

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