Stairs + Pipe = Rail

Note: for a long time pictures have been missing so I am updating with new pictures! Sorry!!

Okay we have really awkward stairs so we had to be creative in coming up with a stair rail that would not take up to much space. In an 8' x 2' 6" area we have 9 steps, 4 of them angled, a landing, a decorative ledge AND an itty-bitty attic door. Talk about a lot of stuff for the space.

So this looks like a normal, 1970's bathroom. You see the weird space on the right? That's where our stairs are. Nice, right?

house 002A.jpg

Before we started on the pipe rail we had to do something about the walls. I had had about enough of drywall so the quick easy thing was knotty pine planking painted white. 

2014-01-19 16.47.28.jpg

Then the fun. Gathering all the plumbing supplies. We needed elbows, flanges, nipples, couplers, and T connectors. It is a pretty simple project. The hardest part is getting the price tag stickers off. 

Once they have been cleaned and you know your dimensions all you need to do is connect and tighten!



2014-01-21 13.14.41.jpg

The short end wall was very simple...start with a small nipple and screw it into the flange. on the other side screw on the elbow. Then long piece, coupler, long piece, elbow and finish how you started.

{2 flanges, 2-2" nipples, 2-10" nipples, 2-90 degree angles, & a coupler}

2014-01-21 13.14.55.jpg

The longer section was just a little more work. Instead of the coupler use a T connector to make your sections.

{4-flanges, 4-2" nipples, 2- 1/2" T connectors, 2-90 degree angles, 2-18" nipples, & a 24" nipple}






Pretty excited to have the walls painted AND the stair rail!!! I still have to do something with the trim and we still need to finish some planking and replace the stairs themselves...sigh. When it is all done I will post pictures from when we bought the house and when it is all done...SO EXCITED!

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2014-01-21 13.15.07.jpg