Put a Lil Green in Your Spring Centerpiece

Put a Lil Green in Your Spring Centerpiece
Update: I finally got the last video + internet to work together so I added it to this post!
I had a creative urge last week to decorate my table something pretty for St. Patrick's Day. That and Michaels 40% off floral bushes was just what I needed to get started. The only reason I was at Michaels {I try to avoid since budget is tight...unless it's part of our remodel} but my mom has me help her decorate her church and she needed flowers. I may brag but the church looks super springy and shockingly it only took us a 8 hour day total to decorate it.
Any who back to MY spring centerpiece. I was inspired by a metal container that was gorgeous but wouldn't work for my idea. Naturally. So we ended up hitting Hobby Lobby {strike 2} and then HomeGoods. Yay HomeGoods! They came to my rescue with a gorgeous metal bar tray that is perfect!!! Have I mentioned the rug I got from there? I am in love with it! If you couldn't tell by my instagram a couple of weeks ago...{you can find m on instagram here}.
My centerpiece is super simple. And you don't have to be a trained florist to accomplish it. Actually there is very little "floral" to the design. Lets call it a table-scape. Ah, much better. My simple table-scape consists of my fabulous bar tray {HomeGoods}, some gorgeous deer {Hobby Lobby, a x-mas present}, and some springy white tulips {Michaels}. As you can tell I shop wherever I want. Each store offers different qualities that I like.
I also used items that I have had for at least a year. The sheet moss, faux boxwood greens, gems, old candles, crystal pitcher, and spray paint were all things I had lying around in my floral room {where I used to do some pretty wedding flowers}. Spring Centerpiece - ingredients

 So round-up your pretties and let's get started. First take your moss + spray paint and take it outside or to a ventilated + protected area. I laid some craft paper down to protect my work surface. Start to spray your moss. It is already green but you want to spray paint it to maintain the green color, other wise it will fade and look nasty. Here is a short video explaining how to do spray paint your moss... 


 It doesn't take long for the spray paint to dry, the moss absorbs it pretty quickly. Let it sit maybe half a minute...to make sure it is dry, lightly touch it to make sure. Once you are sure it is dry you can start laying it in your tray. Using a tray with the moss is a good because then the tray contains the moss droppings...hehe. Moss can be very messy and it is not something you want near your food.
So here I have a couple of videos, with pauses because it's hard to record and design, showing you in more detail {please excuse the children, my windows were open :) }...
Video on moss placement...


2nd video...


After putting your moss in the tray pick a spot for your vase {or whatever you chose for your flowers} and make sure there is no moss under it. Place your vase on the tray. Then pick a spot for your big accent, mine was the fabulous deer, make sure your pretty is sitting evenly on the tray. You don't want to be heartbroken if something happens and wasn't flat.
Now grab your flowers and gems. If you are using a bush like I did, put that in first. Then add some faux greens to it. I used 1 bunch of white tulips and 5 stems of faux boxwood in a light green. After you have them in a way that appeals to you start adding your gems to the flower's container. I used 2 bags, clear and green, starting with the green. I filled it up maybe 2 inches with the green and started mixing in some of clear gems. I only added a few clear gems to begin with because I wanted it to lighten in color as it got to the top. By the time I got to the top, the gems were mostly clear with only a few green. Since we are using silks you can easily "fluff" them back into the position you want.
Last of all candlelight! We love candles here, and 3 fit perfectly! I just carefully place them onto the moss.
Waa La! A gorgeous table-scape perfect for Patty's Day.
Spring Centerpiece - finish Spring Centerpiece - close up