Some New Wood

So after my last "mini post" about our stair set back, we finally figured out what to do with the stairs. It is basically what we were going to do in the first place, sigh, 1"x10" boards for the treads and 1"x8" boards for the risers.

Day one of replacing the stairs have us starting at the top because they are not angled steps like the lower 4, they may be interesting.

FYI I love the risers and cannot stand to repaint/refinish them so we are keeping them as they are and going to make decorative/storage boxes for the open vanity I want in the new bathroom!

My son is loving this right now since it opens into his room...

We braced the steps with 2"x4"s since we are using 1"x boards for the treads and risers, which are original to the house. Do you not just love that old paint on the sides! I am going to strip thru the white, brown and mustard paints to this shade, then sand and varnish it to protect it from my hubby, 2 kids, and 3 dogs.

Yay here is the one step done! We are keeping the first riser. And please ignore the upstairs mess... My hubby is sitting on the "landing".

We did pretty good the first day we got the top 4 stairs done, the riser for the landing and the braces for that landing. For the night we placed pieces of OSB, that were previously protecting the steps, onto the the bracing. That way no one would fall thru them over my hubby going to work at 2am.