Remodeling Costs...DIY cost more?

SO I love Houzz. It is addicting. I get there email. Hello, I don't like subscribing to anything. Well a few days ago I got one and one of the very first articles was on remodeling costs. They did a whole study on the remodeling costs. Granted it was based on 2015 spending, but hey that is as recent as you can get. As we are in the midst of working on our farmhouse and dreaming/planning our addition, I thought this was a must click.

Remodeling Costs...DIY'ers save?

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They have some nice illustrations, yet the bar graphs go over my head. And it is full of pertinent information. Where the money goes and why. How long it takes. Although I am sure if you are DIY'ing it, it will take longer.

I love how it mentions that the no budget people spend less then the rest because they may be DIY'ing projects! YAY for us DIY'ers!! EEK, and I really don't think I want to be a budgeter because they tend to spend  twice as us no budgeters! ACK, I can just see the dollars flying out the window.

Go ahead and click the article above, and let me know where you would be put those renovating dollars!