Every Kitchen Needs Pull Out Storage

Every Kitchen Needs Pull Out Storage pin

If you follow me on Instagram, shame on you if you don't, you will know that we are remodeling our kitchen. Well I love customized cabinets. But the cost can be quite expensive and I don't like the metal inserts you can buy. They just don't scream "custom" to me. So I solved that problem for myself. I created custom pull out storage with reclaimed wood!

The fabulous pull out storage drawers!

Excuse the old drawers. The painters tape. The whole in the wall in the corner. It's a remodel. They get messy and take way longer than you want or expect.

Crate-Look Pull Out Storage

My cabinets started out as a normal thing. We couldn't get a shelf in it. Blah. But out of that problem came a great new idea! Custom pull out drawers!! AND I could use my gorgeous wood from our old stairs that was originally going to be for our DIY range hood cover.

SO let's get started! First go check out Build Basic's awesome tutorial on installing drawers. If you want a more traditional drawer check Build Basic's basic drawer the tutorial for that is just as awesome!

I want to share this video describing my silliness when trying to remove the piece that gets attached to your drawer. Just so you don't make the same silly mistake I did.

[video src="http://oldcountrylove.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/pull-out-drawer-slide-video.mp4" width="1280" height="720"][/video]

All you need is scrap lumber and screws. I seriously just went out to the garage and started scrounging for boards. I really wanted an authentic crate look. So I used pieces in varying sizes and different age, some boards have been in there awhile. I had the whole drawer built and then it was to snug. So I had to take it apart and rebuild. BLAH.

Since I had to take the first pull out drawer apart, I decided to go unconventional with my construction. I attached the drawer slides to the side pieces of the pull out. Wow, did it look weird having the sides just floating in the cabinet. But honestly it made making the drawers so much easier!

So...on with the pictures!

My boring empty cabinet.

The cabinet before the pull out storage with reclaimed faces.

I added braces to the center and sides out of stripped 2x4's.

pull out storage center brace

The pull out braces are all level, yay!

Pull out braces all finished and level!

Now you are ready for your drawer slides! Don't be silly like me and grab 2 different sizes, it worked but it would have been nice to have them the same.

The drawer slides for the fabulous pull out storage!!

The sides, back, and front bottom piece of the pull out drawer. Missing in this pic is the drawer slides piece that attach to the side.

Start at the front of the pull out drawers whn adding the bottom boards.

SO here is what a faceless crate drawer looks like. I screwed my bottom boards front to back. Remember I started with the sides hanging there and I dry fitted the back. Then I took the sides out and attached the back piece of the drawer.

Pull out drawers minus their gorgeous reclaimed faces.

You can see the screws I used to attach the bottom boards. Please, please, please don't use glue unless you are 100% positive that the drawer is going to fit. If you feel the need to glue as well as screw, make sure the drawer slides beautifully before you glue.

Screw the bottom boards to the side of your pull out drawers.

After making sure those babies were slippery like butter, I attached my faces. I LOVE that blue wood! I used shims to get that gorgeous blue face centered. I attached them using some pretty black cabinet screws.

Making sure the face of my pull out drawer is centered.

Then I cracked open the gel stain in Chestnut. Something I had in the basement and I have been loving the color. Dark enough to make the grain pop, but not overwhelming. One really nice thing about gel stain is that its nice creamy consistency wipes on super smooth like.

I stained the interior of my pull out drawers in chestnut.

A couple of coats of satin oil based poly and they are ready for filling!

My pull out drawers all ready for filling!

Another shot of those gorgeous, reclaimed, blue-faced, pull out storage drawers! LOVE!!!

My gorgeous, reclaimed, blue-faced, pull out cabinet storage!

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