Problem Solved, Problem Created


So in solving the problem of the wood floor, I created a new problem...


...a dark kitchen. {This picture is just natural light.}


Even with the lights on it is still a little dark for me...also throw in the fact that the floor is raw wood in this picture. After varnishing it, it will look something like this {the floors age makes gives a varied color affect}...


...the cabinets will definitely be too dark together for my liking. I had thought about painting my cabinets a light grey...Stately Graystone by Valspar. I just don't know.

imageMy real problem is I love farmhouse kitchens and am really attracted to white. Which is ridiculous because 2 labs + 2 kids + 1 landscaper hubby = a lot of dirt. Painting my cabinets grey give me another problem, I will definitely need to repaint the kitchen. I can't find a color that I like to go with the grey AND I always like a color that will coordinate with my Christmas decor {I know, I know...weird}.

I would love to have my kitchen look like this...


Minus the chrome fixtures...and I would love a double basin drainboard sink!

What do y'all think, should I be brave & white or not??