house 001B

...the one word my then boyfriend did not want to hear. That is the word I used to describe our farmhouse when we first came to look at it, that and character.

Knowing what I do now I do not think I would use the same words to describe our farmhouse. Then again I think everyone has one of those moments in life (I think I have more than one.) Life brings knowledge, whether it be in learning a new skill to fix a flaw to learning a lesson when fixing the flaw.

house 001A

house 002B

Anyway back to the house with potential. It had everything I wanted...2 stories (not a full second), a barn, acreage a.k.a. room to run, and most importantly in the middle of nowhere! It also had the aforementioned potential and character, how did it have those things??? It was old, the kitchen was huge, and the price was right = potential. On character, it had that old house cuteness and a major character builder by having to go thru the SMALL bathroom to get upstairs. Let's talk about those stairs, they are literally 27" wide, has 2-90 degree turns and is barely taller than my 5'7" in height. Definitely describes character does it not? Now my sister in law who is barely 5' (probably taller but not sure) thinks those stairs are perfect. Love her!!

house 002A

Excuse the black and whiteness of these pictures, in the future it will be color, but the bathroom and stair wallpapers would blind anyone! Now my boyfriend (now husband) did not know any better at the time, and even though he questioned my judgement (which he reminds me whenever we tackle a new project) fell for his girl's pleading.

Lesson learned? Think twice when basing a home purchase on character and potential. The reasoning may not be the best for you...