Oh, the Power of Pinterest

It leaves you and your house wanting.

I love pinterest to the point of being a recovering addict. I say recovering because I realized that pinterest was feeding my unhappiness with my house. I would spend hours pinning diy projects or images of homes and rooms that I lusted over. If you have been following along with my blog you know about my new year's resolution, the scaling back of wants to necessities, and my recent hospital stay costing me more than thousands of dollars. It dawned on me during my "no lifting anything more than 5lbs" period that maybe I should seriously consider backing off from pinterest. I would go on multiple times of day and start pinning all these projects that I was "going" to do to our house. I did not need these , they were wants. Apparently the hospital bill was the thing that took the blinders off my pinterest addiction.

I know I can not feasibly go thru and delete pins that are in no way possible going to work with my house, and I am not even going to try. Granted I know pinterest is a social media to pin things you like, but when you are using it to pin how you want your house to look, it can start making you want things there is no possible way you can have. I decided I would go a week without going on pinterest. Yeah it was more because of "why am I bothering" attitude than actually thinking I had a problem. It was tough, but I did it. I kept going at it and started noticing that I was becoming happier about my home and its quirky layout. After a couple of weeks I noticed I no longer felt the need to constantly be on pinterest to get ideas for my house. My home was fine the way it is...granted unfinished. I am so happy I cut myself off from pinterest for awhile, it was good for me. When I first started using pinterest again it was for looking up things I had already pinned, like recipes for homemade cleaning products. I now try to only use it when looking for specific things; like natural flea repellent, knitting instructions, looking for a specific diy project. It is better to live in a home that you appreciate than a house that you think everything needs to be changed.