My mom got a camping tent at an garage sale for $5. It's just a two man tent but the kids are loving it.


Have you ever noticed how a tent will be labeled as a one-man, two-man, or four-man tent {some can get really big, but you get my drift}. We always found it hysterical that something would be labeled to fit 2 people and it would only barely fit 1. As I was laying on the massage table at the chiropractor, it dawned on me that cars are that way too! Take the Jeep Patriot, it has a occupancy listed as 5 people. 5 people!! Has anyone sat or even looked in one? Some days it is barely enough room for a family of 4. I think next time I look at {or any of y'all look at} a newer vehicle I will be looking at the max occupancy and dividing it in half. Because my 5 person vehicle comfortably fits 3.