Not Enough of Anything

Here I sit Saturday on a huge to-do list and the few things I can accomplish by myself I don't have enough of something to finish it.

Wow, that's a very vague sentence. After feeling nasty the last few days I figured I could finally attack a project or two.

First attempt...I am working on this cute primitive like wall shelf for a few of my books. It's mostly put together, but I wanted to get my fancy edges cut with the jigsaw before I got farther along. I know, putting the carriage before the horse, but I wanted to get it on the wall asap. Last weekend when I started it, I got stopped by the lack of the jigsaw. This week? Lack of a jigsaw. Apparently my hubby left it on the kitchen table most of the week and then took it again. Blah. Strike one!

Second y'all know we are working, trying, sweating to get our house finished. Well at least I feel like I am, my house may not look like it. Well since we figured on doing a loft style master bedroom in the new addition and I can't find a new paint color I like for our existing bedroom {apparently the can of gray paint was crappy}, I decided, and hubby approved, of painting our bedroom the color of the living room...which was also on some of the walls before I started the painting fiasco that is my bedroom. So after not being able to work on my bookshelf, for lack off jigsaw, I thought "okay lets paint upstairs". Downstairs I went to grab the paint. Somewhere in my brain I confused paint cans. Somehow I had gotten it in my head that I had 2 extra gallons of the paint color. Wrong! I have about 1 gallon. Definitely not enough to paint upstairs. Strike two!!

Third I have mentioned in a previous post, I am in the process of Kon Mari'ing our house. Okay, I figured since I can not work on my bookshelf and not paint my bedroom, km'ing my hutch to fit curriculum in it sounded good. Now where I was hoping to put it has Xmas dishes. I love Xmas!! If you have followed me long enough you will know I am a Xmas freak. Well I pulled out the one area of shelf I was thinking of using and starting putting the curriculum in its spot. Right now the curriculum sits in a metal wire basket on the counter. It looks nice in the basket but not on the counter. Well after pulling out my Xmas breakables, lo and behold 3 or 4 of the books are too tall for the shelf and I would have to clear off another shelf area for my son's curriculum. Sigh...Strike three!!!

So here I am, struck out on projects for the day. Hopefully when hubby gets home soon he will let me have the jigsaw and I may get something accomplished this weekend.