I Need TEA...or Crazy Independence Day Weekend

OMG I need tea! Lots and lots of tea. This Independence Day I am exhausted and the holiday weekend isn't officially over yet! Grab a cup, tea or coffee, and listen in.

Lately we have been blessed with cool weather. Thank you Jesus! I have been taking full advantage of that and working my tail feathers off. If you didn't know one of Hubby's jobs is at a local distribution center on the weekend shift. So on top of not being able to have "DIY weekends" you don't get holidays off either.

Independence Day Weekend

Saturday was crazy. Sunday was Crazy. But it was all fun.

Saturday I spent the day working on some bathroom organization. I managed to take one whole piece from design to finish. Yay me! It's a gorgeous piece made completely out of cedar. I do want to tweak it a smidgen. You see I having been using materials in our garage and I ran out of cedar! Ugh. It truly needs one more piece before I can officially reveal it to y'all.

Cedar Bathroom organization

Sunday. Sunday was our BIG day. We went to a birthday party + fireworks! People that is a lot of excitement when you are 6 + 8. I am so thankful that even though the Hubby invited guests over, they did not come. I honestly don't know how I would have done it. We really celebrated a birthday and Independence Day hard.

We started our day with party preparations. Taking baths, picking out outfits and figuring what time we had to leave, and go, and leave again. Crazy, the whole time kids loudly asking if we could go yet. Finally, it was time to leave for our first festivity, a birthday party! Family birthdays are the best, you get to see cousins and family you do not regularly get to see!

Independence Day - Princess Pea with her Great Grandma + Great Aunt

Independence Day Weekend - Handsome Hank with his Great Aunt & Great Grandma

Independence Day Fireworks!

We stayed. And stayed, and stayed at that party. And the kids had a blast! But then we had to go. Thankfully we had more fun in store so it wasn't a fight. By the time we got home Grandma was there and eating dinner already! We ended up eating frozen pizza because I am all about a good seat where fireworks are concerned. I love me some fireworks but I hate crowds. We stumbled upon the perfect for us fireworks a couple of years ago and I love it. We live about 15 minutes from a little town called Mineral. Every year we have gone they do an amazing display for the size of town. I love taking videos of them for the kids to watch later.


Monday...sweet Monday. Independence Day! We are all exhausted. I need pots of tea. My mother took the kids home to have them spend the night with her and watch fireworks on television. Handsome Hank doesn't care the noise too much. That means I can drink pots of tea, write this, and take a nap.

How did you spend your Independence Day weekend??