Natural Birch


That's what A's new floor is...and it's gorgeous. It took us about a day to get it installed {not including 2 days of prep work; Knock on Wood & Subfloor √} Yes it looks gorgeous but the best thing is her room is actually warm!!! And retaining heat, YAHOO! We scored big time on this Natural Birch floor at Menards. Real wood floor on clearance can be hard to come by. You are probably wondering why I went light, well after a friends experience with dark wood flooring and her deciding she wanted light wood flooring when she built another house I decided to copy her. She knows who she is...THANK YOU! Any way the reason I went with the light is because light handles life better. You don't notice dust and such...and you really don't notice the scratches. With 2 big dogs and active children light was a must. Now if only it would camouflage black dog hair.

Prefinished wood floor is pretty easy to install...once you get started. And if your boards are straight. My big tip for this is lay out your first couples of rows and sort of dry run it. Then if everything looks kosher, carefully install your first row. Now they tell you to cut a starter piece for the next row, but that is wasteful. I use the remnant of the last piece in the first row. This works extremely well, just make sure you have at least 5 inches between your short end seams. The first 10 rows seem to take forever and can make one a tense ball of anxiety {hello, me} hoping it looks good when finished. After that though it usually goes by quick.

You will notice in the second image you see a hammer...yeah we installed this old school style. Believe me it can be done. Takes longer. But it can be done. Another tip, keep a 5-6 inch piece of flooring to use as a tapping yourself some dough and use that cash and another project...or save up for that nailer.

Dry fitting the first rows of a Natural Birch floor

Installing Natural Birch floor the hard way with a hammer

Break time with dogs on natural Birch floor

Finishing the Natural Birch floor

Easy to install natural birch floor...all finished


{As you can tell we take time to play with our middle puppy.} Towards the end of the project I succumbed to the kids nasty cold they have and it made bending over a pleasure. Getting A's room warm and finishing the natural birch floor so she can get back in her room was so worth it though! I have big plans for A's room and she is loving going through pinterest and designing her bedroom. I am going slow in creating it though, I want her "forever room" to be perfect!