My Christmas List

A lot of bloggers out there are sharing with y'all there top gift ideas for him, her, or kids. But I am not. I mean they come in handy, but seriously sometimes I feel like it is just to create more people not being content with what they have or where they are in life.  I know that is not their intention. Their intention is to be helpful. Which I guess it is. I know I sound very back and forth on this subject. I guess it is because I feel like an adult. I had this silly epiphany the other day. I must have officially reached "adulthood" because what I want for Christmas cannot be wrapped.

The things I want are things that cannot be bought, but they may be given. Things like time, energy, and sleep. Closely followed by a million dollars.  I know epic.


Time...time to get jobs done around the house. Time to be with family. Sometimes I would just like to pause time. Just pause time, get a million jobs done, and then take a long nap.

So for Christmas this year, I pray that you remember to use what precious time you have in the best way possible...time spent with your loved ones.