Well it has been two weeks since my post on readjusted goals for this year {Blue Funk}. You may have read about the diy-ed wood ledges {On a Ledge} and you will soon hear about the TV shelf...that almost was not. Thank you hubby for your creative thinking and muscles!

My small projects include...
Wood picture ledges for the master bedroom
Finishing our diy-ed TV will love!
Finishing trim and painting in N's room**
Some work on master bedroom...drywall, trim, & paint

Those of you following along know that we had originally planned to put the wood stove on our stone was not meant to be. Between the time and cost it would take to go through the wall and then up the old chimney we would be grief stricken and cold by February. It is now on the east wall of our living room. We had to get creative then for that new TV stand since it would have to be on stone wall, I think our solution is awesome {I know I just dated myself}.

**N's room is going to be somewhat easier, the stripes on the last wall would not be level {sigh, old house settling}. N and I decided that we would just paint it one the colors and look for tractor and construction vinyl for that wall. Then just some coats of poly {stain & varnish in one for those wondering} on the trim. I still have not decided how I am going to finish his bed.

We had been bouncing around working on other projects {finishing stone wall & TV stand} but after a recent cold snap Friday where we broke the record low, we decided that focusing on getting the wood stove installed was in the best interest. I would like to note that we have fencing up for the chickens so we should be somewhat set for next spring. We got set back last week by life in general {A Juggler}, but I finally got to the grout for the hearth pad done this morning. It looks amazing! I can seal it tomorrow and the stove should be on it by Friday. SUPER, SUPER Excited!

 If all goes well I may end up adding some furniture refinish projects.