Morning Sunshine

Pin Morning Sunshine! I love my kitchen in the morning. I love the sun shining in to say hello...especially when I manage to get up before my early risers get up. The quiet morning sunshine seems to rejuvenate me. I hear the breeze through the trees and the birds singing.

Morning Sunshine

The morning sunshine streaming through my window.

The sun leaves a dappled pattern of morning sunshine on the make shift table...

The morning sunshine leaving its dancing pattern on my table.

All I can think about is how beautiful and peaceful it is. The sun comes streaming through the one eastern facing window in our house. The only one for now. These moments help me get motivated to finish our farmhouse.

Because when we get the farmhouse finished, we can then start on the addition. A main floor bathroom, laundry room, and master bedroom. Our master bedroom, sigh. I like our room now but I  have a hard time with the stairs sometimes{sucky heart failure}. Our new bedroom will have a sliding patio door and a window on the east side to let that morning sunshine trickle in. Because of that however I think Hubby will have a fit. I don't care. He can sleep in the basement {insert smiley wink}.