More New Wood

2014-01-28 13.35.38

Day two!

Well not really day two, more like day two and a half. My wonderful hubby did work on the stairs Saturday after he worked from 3am to 3pm. I know, awesome is he not?! We are progressing down the stairs pretty good today. After doing the landing and a step on Saturday. We started and finished the last of the straight stairs today and have now hit the dreaded angle stairs which resulted in complete demolition of the last four steps, or should I say first four steps?

Since I cannot be too much help at this point, I am working at my other job, wedding florist. Typing up estimates while thinking about my stairs. Really anxious to get my fingers into some new stairs yet have to get wedding estimates done. Anyway, this is what our stairs look like now.

2014-01-28 13.39.35

Hubby demolished the first 4 steps, those nasty angled steps and I {break time} cleaned up after him. He then screwed the risers in temporarily to make sure our new steps will fit right. Also, if we have to take them out because it is not working right, it will not be as hard. When I cleaned up that nasty, filthy area {mouse poop yuck} I discovered why our stairs are always extremely cold.

2014-01-28 13.39.47

This area right here is our problem. What your are seeing is tar paper, which can be used as a house-wrap. That is the layer under our siding. Easily fixed now that we know where the problem is. Great Stuff foam here we come!

Anyway, back to the stairs. To finish the bracing for the angled steps there is some interesting spider work of 2x4's that I am NOT going to show. After all is said and done we have the risers, 1 tread, and 3 temporary treads for the angled steps finished. image

After this is all done we realize that the second step up is goofy and will have to be adjusted... sigh, and that's a wrap for today.