Money, Money, Money...

Like the ABBA song...all the things I could do, if I had a little, specifically the lack of, has been on my mind this last week.  Not only because it is Christmas, but because we got another lovely hospital bill. What a way to ruin what little holiday spirit I had this year. Gah, who would think a simple echo would be over $3000! And my insurance thinks this is reasonable. Well this starts the whole depressive thought process. Does not help that I am tired and worried about how I am going to find time for making x-mas gifts and finding money to buy the rest before I opened the envelope.

I had tried budgeting, cutting back, and doing Dave Ramsey and snowball method, but when you are already not having splurges like cable/satellite, coffee, or day trips to the mall it is awfully hard to find a place to cut back. {Granted I know we have done some improvements to the house that were not necessities, but I am willing to own up on these.} It is also kind of hard to do this when both adults in the house have a different opinion on where you stand financially. Seriously, the funnest thing we have  consistently is Netflix and that is the form of the cheapest DVD plan they have. I started a journal last night, kind of a food journal sort of thing only for money. I am going to track all the outgoing (like I am eating it) cash or debits. I am also adding little plus amounts from cash we get from an elderly family member. Usually that cash does not make it to the checking or savings and is blown on lunch or breakfast out. Granted it is not consistent income, but we are getting it and I want to record it for accuracy.

It is hard to budget, save, and pay down debt when you already are not spending a whole lot on non-necessities. It is harder still when you know there is no way your hubby can take on a 4th job to help pay for your medical bills (which is probably 75% of our debt). Even harder knowing that there is not a job you can do to help your hubby that does not require either degrees & experience or being physically able to do the job. It is so frustrating!!! Then you think you find the one thing that may help your situation...and you can not figure out a way to pay for it. Even with the financing options.

The most hurtful part of it all is the fact knowing that no matter how hard I try to get rid of my medical debt, it is still there. Growing with each phone check, each office visit...and that there seems to be no way of adding positive cash to the negative situation.