Mom Day!

So today was a mom day...and a grandma day. Usually my mom drives 2 hours and spends the night here to spend time with her grandkids and me. Also known as "mommy gets stuff done day".

We went to a local bookstore {Books on First} had lunch, followed by a trip to Shopko for jams {a.k.a. jeans} for my lil guy. We all had fun, but who would not with grandma? I always try and check out the clearance sections...I love clearance sections. Side note: I have dumpster-dived. So guess what I found?

2014-02-04 14.01.24

I found these antiquey/old looking tray tables. Gorgeous, black with distressing to a mahogany wood with a satin finish. Originally $120.00, these babies were on clearance for $36.00! After trying to get my hubbies opinion on them and failing, and asking the store people how they are put together, I bought 2. I have been keeping my eyes open for cute pieces of furniture for nightstands and these beauties fit the bill.

After I got home I put one of them together to see if the hubs would like them. They came with there own tools, INCLUDING mallet and setup was super easy!

 2014-02-04 17.08.10

I just think it is awesome that  they included mallets with the tables. Most of the time you get an allen wrench and nothing else, for a piece of boxed furniture to actually include every tool that you would need to put it together is amazing!

2014-02-04 17.15.48

I cannot wait to get them in my bedroom, but I will have to wait until the long wall of built-ins are finished. One thing I would like point out is that I just got rid of 1 table (a sewing cabinet) out of that room. Well, at least for now they are in boxes.