Love the New Plumbing!


Last spring, we had a project that I absolutely love how it turned out. It was the plumbing pipe handrail {Stairs + Pipe = Rail}. That is by far my favorite of the remodel projects in the last year. In fact the stairs themselves are one of my favorite places...I just have to finish those darn steps!

Anyway we got to play with more pipe last fall  and I just finished it! Eek, that took longer than I thought. Oh well it's done, functional and fabulous!

Wala, our new TV stand! Pipe shelf

The pipe shelf was something we had thought about doing before and nixed it. Honestly I do not think it would have looked as well on the east/wood stove wall. It is perfect with the faux creamy limestone behind it.

  • 8 - black cast floor flanges
  • 20 - 1/2" T's
  • 30 - 12" nipples
  • 4-1/2" couplers
  • 4 - 24" nipples
  • 4- close nipples
  • 20 - 1/2" pipe straps
  • 2" x 12" boards
  • 1 inch screws
  • 2+ inch screws

We first started by putting the pieces together to form 2 ladders...this was interesting since we had to screw vertical and horizontal pieces. Interesting but doable! Thank God for my hubby, at that point I thought it was a loss. {Hahaha you can see we started this in the summer my hubby is wearing shorts!}

Pipe shelf - ladder sides

We screwed the floor flanges into the floor and the ceiling.  After getting both sides up we placed our 2" x 12" boards on onto our "ladders" to make sure things sat right. It was perfect! {You can see in the picture below that all shelves are 12 inches apart with the exception of one and that is where 24 inch pipe is connected to a coupler and then into the close nipple and into the T}.

Pipe shelf - trial with shelf

I wanted my boards to look OLD, so I used my trusty diy stain. I love it, it makes it look old and I don't get fume headaches. I ended up doing two coats and then topped it off with Minwax Paste Finishing Wax.

Pipe shelf - diy stainWhich brings me back to present day where I finally attached the 1/2" pipe straps. We are putting these on mostly so that kids or dogs don't knock things off. Pipe is a cylinder and wood is flat, when it was just the boards they moved around very easily.

Pipe shelf - pipe straps

The bottom shelf was warped {sigh that way when we got it} so I had to clamp it to the pipe and then screw the straps to the 2" x 12"s. I love, love, love our Irwin Quick-Grip clamps!!! They have been a life saver {muscle saver too} on multiple projects.


I just totally love my new pipe shelf!

Pipe Shelf - finish!

I cannot wait to get the stone and staining finished on this wall and if anyone has ideas for keeping electrical contained let me know! I also have plans for the multitude of DVD's we own, but that is a future project.