Life & Duct Tape

Duct tape can fix anything...?

Or can it? Duct tape, which was originally created for duct work, supposedly can fix anything. {Does not hold tile up, even for trial look.} But can it fix life? Right now, after a long day of sanding yesterday and an interesting night, I am contemplating duct tape on my kids.

I just hate {too strong maybe} when my children do not listen and I am not feeling good. My mom, who is amazing, tells me they act up because they sense things are off in relationships and they always know when to push your buttons. Life {children} today is pushing buttons and I am just tired & hurt to deal with it...that is where the duct tape comes in. You always see in the movies duct tape over peoples mouths to keep them quiet, sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I could do that with the kids.


Why my life needs duct tape...sinuses roaring from the sanding dust and some slight staining fumes from yesterday, sleeping way to hard until 5:30am {too many pillows, crick in my neck} and waking up to a smoky smell and a weird ticking. I was so exhausted from yesterday I kept on falling asleep while my brain tried to figure out the smell & noise. God must have been working overtime last night. I came downstairs to one of my burners on the stove in the ignite position and flames shooting up. The God part was the loaves of bread were on the other side of the stove. That explained the sound, the smell was my cast iron which was half over the burner. It started after 2:30am when my hubby leaves for the weekend job. Our 11 month old lab/shepherd mix likes to get into mischief, and he is very talented and smart. {He can also open the back door to get IN the house.} He apparently thought there was something good on the stove and hit the knob. I turned it off and went back upstairs to see a very guilty Mishka laying on the floor. His mischievousness is also why he is locked upstairs with us at night. Which my hubby forgot to do. {He apparently got into the bathroom garbage too and ate half of it, gross.}

Which brings me back to wishing you could fix life with duct tape.