Laminate Flooring for Handsome Hank

You know its going to be one of those years. Sigh, like ripping out things you weren't planning to for a few more years, kind of years.

Say, carpeting...because some dog, ahem, got gross with it one too many times. Well that's what happened. Carpeting ripped out. Right in the middle of a kitchen remodel (at our house), a bathroom remodel (sister in law's house), and a way over due to be done piece of furniture (patient neighbor).

We put this carpet in about 4 years ago. Well this carpet had been around the block, and Handsome Hank's room was its second time around. Generously donated by friends who had just put nice new wood flooring down. I originally wanted a laminate flooring or real wood in the bedrooms but the carpet was free and A's room used to be an icebox. See this, this, and this on how we fixed it. It seemed like I was outnumbered the best way to go.

After the last few years of dog accidents and puking on both Handsome Hank and our dogs parts, Harley's accident that morning was the final straw. I have a little green machine that I love, but I knew this was going to be one of those if I clean up this whole big mess in this room the rest of it is going to look so WEIRD. And I was going to have someone clean his room. I would have to pull EVERYTHING out of his room and the cost for someone to come all this way and clean it would cost more than it was worth.

After I cleaned up the grossness, I smiled the whole time, I sat down to eat my breakfast griping about how weird it would look after I washed the carpet. The Menards ad sat right in front of me, hmm. I quickly did some math and texted hubby. "If I can get laminate flooring for under $100 can I get Handsome Hank new floor? His answer, sure. SCORE!!! Not only did I find flooring for his room under $100 but I also got the underlayment for free with a rebate!!

I want to add that his room is small, like barely 10' by 9' 4" minus a chimney. Handsome Hank was super excited! We had plans to go to Geneseo that day (a Tuesday) so a quick jump over to Kewanee was in order. He picked out the color he liked and we were set. We spent the rest of that day cleaning out his room and taking his bed apart. Wednesday we ripped up the carpet, padding, tack strips, and staples out. The original floor was a pretty teal milk paint floor, pretty not functional for my guy.

Original floor in Handsome Hank's room

The cartons got in his room to acclimate, they needed 48 hours minimum. He was so anxious to install the floor. And it was his birthday on top of it...Chocolate cake and Pizza luckily came first.

The real fun started Saturday when I started laying the laminate flooring...but that's another post.