KonMari: The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up

So I missed my February month book {building furniture + redoing a bathroom = not much time to read} so I am doing a review of The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up. {January's book was The Power of a Praying Wife}

Last summer when I did all sorts of fabulousness to my neck...see all the pink tape?

KonMari - thrown out neck

 Well one of my awesome neighbors keyed me into the KonMari method. Marie Kondo's Book The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up {her website}is definitely life changing. I managed to grabbed my copy at Target, but here is a link for Amazon. If you can stay focused, or don't have kids constantly interrupting, you could have it read in a day...well at least I did.

KonMari -book

It has been almost 9 months since I started the KonMari method. And I can honestly tell you that even though I haven't been able to completely go through the KonMari categories, cleaning has become so much simpler! Granted keeping any house clean during a remodel {which will be 10 years for us this summer} can be a miracle.

In a way I was blessed to find the The Life Changing magic of Tidying Up when I did. I am not familiar with many of the donation places near me. I haven't gotten out much...2 pregnancies and 3 hospitalizations kind of put a damper on things. That and the few places I knew that were good only accepted things in small quantities and I wasn't just going to throw all my...ahem...good stuff away. Well since I was I was pretty much cripple from throwing my neck out, the only logical thing to do was get rid of stuff. And I did. I was taking 2 hr, one way, trips to see the Chiropractor {if you need an awesome one and live near Rockford, Il check out Maculan Chiropractic} and taking car loads to the resale store twice a week for almost 2 months and then once a week for more than a couple of months.

First...read the darn book. Yes you can get a good idea off a blog, Facebook group, or what have you, just read the book. You can start while you are reading though if you're itching to get started. One important thing though is to have an end vision. Not necessarily how you want your space to look, but how you want your life at home to be like...how it makes you FEEL. Now I am a Christian, so some of the things like thanking items {read the book ;) } and the Shintoism I am not into. However, I do think that thanking God for supplying the item when you needed it and releasing yourself of your attachment of an item is a good substitute.

The categories are simple:

  • Clothing
  • Books/papers
  • Komono {Sentimental items should be done last}

...you don't sort by room. Basically if it doesn't bring you joy, toss it. And by no means do you have to walk around something that doesn't spark joy. Pitch it when you realize it is not sparking any joy. You are supposed to go through a category and the organize that category. It doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to work until you have gone through the whole KonMari process. Like saving those extra storage boxes, they may come in handy when all is said and done. Nor do you have to go out and buy pretty things to use as storage. If you want to that's fine, it just isn't a prerequisite.

The KonMari method is also hard for me since I feel that my treasures shouldn't be here on earth. Believe me, that little thought can cause a world of hurt. However there are things that we NEED on earth. We need clothes. Although some people would argue that statement...most husbands would say wives don't necessarily need clothes. Or decorative knickknacks. Marie talks about a click point and sparking joy a lot in her book. Believe me you will know when you find it. And a little tip don't touch anything remotely sentimental until you get to that point. I feel like 9 months into it I am really close.

Now I am going to be 100% truthful here...I haven't finished! I have made awesome head way though. I can go into my bedroom and find things! Yes my room...the room that tends to be the catch-all for things that I don't know where to put, needs to go in the attic, or just doesn't have a spot. And I am itching to finish! I am in the middle of komono and working my way through the basement presently. Yeah I know I said don't work by room, but most of the stuff in the basement is 2 or 3 subcategories {canning jars, paint, diy supplies, + x-mas stuff}. And I already want to go back and go through my clothes...some of my things are almost rags but are perfect for remodel work, I am craving some joy sparkers to wear into town on shopping days though.

Ultimately this book has been a God send to me and for the Old Country Love farmhouse.  The KonMari method has helped immensely with living in our little farmhouse. I can find things, hallelujah, in my house. Once the weather turns warm I plan on tackling the garage and outbuildings...some of which contain things from 20+ years before we bought Old Country Love farm. It will definitely be an interesting finish!