Knock On Wood

Woot woot! It's decent in A's room, knock on wood!! Our progress yesterday...Knock on Wood - rolling up the carpet

Knock on Wood - getting a hold of the subfloor

{Note the hubby isn't wearing his brand new knee pads.} Knock on Wood - removing subfloor

At first we were trying to save the plywood. Then we changed our minds. Knock on Wood - heck with it After we got all the sub floor removed, I used 4mil plastic as a vapor barrier {as well as wind blocker}. Sorry no picture my hands were numb. Then we started putting in the insulation. Knock on Wood - vapor barrier in and insulation started

Knock on Wood - strengthening the floor trusses

And added some support to weak boards.

Knock on Wood - insulating time Knock on Wood - Insulation all done!

I am so excited to tell you that we don't even have the subfloor down and it is warm in her room! I want to add that it is -4° with real feel of -15°.

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