Killing Time + Flipping Houses

Y'all probably thought I was dead unless you follow me on Instagram. Well, I am not, April Fools! I mentioned on my insta a while back that we may be flipping a house. And we will, in God's timing. Right now we just seem to be killing time til we find the right house to flip.

Honestly, it has only been about 2 weeks since this whole house flipping came down. But let's go back a bit farther hmm? So the last post was Valentine's day. It has been a while, not my longest track record but hey, we have been busy. Catch up time! We have... looked at houses, finished houses, and looked at more houses. I have looked at a lot of houses in the last month and a half. I have also decided that I put a lot of weight on while working on the in-law's house. Constant carbs are not my friend.

Let me break it down to ya...we finished the ORIGINAL work at the in-law's house. That means...6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, the kitchen, the dining room, mud room, and large living area got new flooring, paint and trim. Whew! That was fun. And we thought that would be it, but, papa-in-law decided that the living area in the basement needed an overhaul too. I want to point out that he was adamant about NOT doing that area originally. Oh well, that will be our "summer heat" job.

Then we helped Sister-in-law #7 find her and her new hubby a house. This involved looking at some interesting houses that included quirky characteristics like knob and tube wiring {gorgeous but too much work for them}, a kitchen sink that was in front and above the window sill of a brick house, and a house that literally leaned to the right. They finally loved onto a beautiful old 2 story with lots of original woodwork. In a good part of town. It needs some work but nothing they can't handle and we won't help them with.



I am going to get really personal here. In the middle of all this, we were struggling. While it was amazing to bless hubby's parents in the way that we did, it did put a strain on our a budget. A lot. I entered March with a lot of prayers. Between my heart problems and some possible wrong choices early in our marriage, we have a few big bills every year. And it has been hard to save for them. 3 of our big bills are due this month, one of them is the 2nd biggest out of the whole year. And we had little to no money saved for them. Like I said a lot of prayers. Well, it all came to a head when I talked to a family member the one day. After they made a comment a reacted rather shortly. They were suggesting we could buy a house and fix it up and rent it out or sell it. Honestly, I thought this person knew we were struggling. Out of that phone call started the whole shebang of flipping houses. A prayer the next morning and an answer that evening synched it. We were supposed to flip houses in a specific way. Now we have not found a house to flip but we are actively looking. AND those prayers have brought the hubby a raise and an interesting angle at helping hubby's It's no shock if you know my father-in-law that he has a lot of property {some people think we have money because of this} and he decided after all that work on his home that we could do some of the jobs to his commercial buildings. Let's just say at a wage that is more than both his 2 jobs combined! He is also paying me to do some of the more finish work like painting and such. We have spent about a week working in one office and we have made enough and more to pay the big bill this month. If I was a crier, I would cry. But I am not so am just beyond extremely grateful to the Father and hubby's father and praising them both.

And now I am going to go out and enjoy this sunny 1st day of April and put some 2nd hand cabinets up in the garage and complete some much-needed farm spring cleaning.