In the Groove...with Time4Learning

In the groove...Time4Learning OCL

I don't know what has come over this house, but I am loving it. Things seem to be going smoothly and I am not sure why. As some of you may know we homeschool, which is awesome in most aspects. The one downside for us is it can be extremely tough to get the remodel projects done on our farmhouse. Well, I finally broke down and did something. Now I may be jumping the gun on how much I love it and it may be a bit too soon to be singing the praises of it. I signed A up for Time4Learning. I am a major stubborn donkey and obstinate butt and so is A [8 now, gah}. Well lets just say doing school took WAY longer than it should. Also there were a lot of loud voices and tears {on both parties}. I finally just gave up and told myself something had to change.

We have been using it for about a week now and so far there has not but a negative remark about doing school from her, or me. In fact there has even been a couple of days where she is turning the laptop on and doing it as soon as she is getting up...astounding! Our relationship has gotten much better as well.

Time4Learning costs $19.95 a month {you do get a 14 day trial period with 100% money back and each additional kid is $14.95} which okay when you think about it works out to be about the same as curriculum. They grade everything for you and even have scheduling capabilities. If your child is a little behind or ahead on certain subjects you can switch grades up. It is perfect for A since she is such a visual learner. {As we are a Christian family and I am a creationist I do keep an eye on what exactly is being taught.} I love it also because it does read most parts of it to her. She still has a hard time with reading and as soon as she gets comfortable with her and I doing school things together I will bring in a more intense reading time. For now though it has been awesome. What usually would take 4+ hours takes her maybe an hour. All because we fought.

I had an epiphany the other day, I couldn't figure out why the last couple of days seemed to be longer and I was getting more things done. Then it dawned on me. I had not spent those days fighting her to get school done! {Although, part of it may be the book I am reading this month.} Even this weekend, she wanted to do some schoolwork. AMAZING!

If you want to sign up here is referral link, Time4Learning, letting y'all know that I will receive a free month or $25 for each person that signs up and stays on after the 14 day trial period.