I'm So Excited!!

And I just can't hide it!

Yes I know, bad pun, but so excited right now. I may have found the one! I decided what the hell, lets try distressing. So I just went ahead and did it on a little area of an unstained board like I previously mentioned. All I needed for that was my finishing hammer and an old nail. I used the nail removing end to make the lines.


Here is a close up of what it looks with holes and lines...this actually a shot of of it stained so you can see the distressing.

This picture is actually a better picture for showing the color.

This is what I used... *Coconut Oil (not shown) Varathane "Black Cherry" Minwax gel stain "Antique Maple" Hammer Finishing nail {not shown}

It was soooo simple! I love it and hopefully the hubby does too!!!

Note: In trying to replicate this for my hubby on a larger piece it did not work. Bummer, then I remembered that area that I had used I had put coconut oil on about 18 hours earlier. So here are the steps... 1. Coconut oil your wood (warm to a liquid state). Let this sit. In replicating with the coconut oil I applied it almost immediately, but I think letting it sit longer would be better. I also liked the sample that the coconut oil sat over night. 2. After your board has set so the oil can be absorbed, distress your board. IMPORTANT, distress after coconut oil, the oil inhibits the wood from absorbing the stain. 3. Very lightly apply the dark stain, letting it fill the little niches and crevices of the distressing. Wipe of any excess stain. Let thus sit maybe 3 minutes or so. 4. Apply the lighter stain and then wipe it off. Remembering the longer it sits the more intense/dark the color will be.

And there you have it! Somewhat simple and when I remembered that I had put coconut oil there and then duplicated it, it matched pretty much spot on. A hint darker, but very close...YAY!!!