I Am A Slacker

I. Am. A. Slacker.

About 6 years ago I fell onto what is called the crunchy lifestyle. And I enjoyed it. Replacing chemical laden things with organic options. I dropped all “normal” detergents, makeup, body care, etc. If it ranked it higher than 2 on the EWG’s Skin Deep. I tossed it.

And somewhere in the last so many years. I slacked. I slacked off bad. I so wanted to be chemical free. But. It is really hard to use green products when your water is hard. A water softener wouldn’t have been too expensive. The cost of a new well, because it had gone dry, would not have been. OUCH!

I still use my green beauty products. Soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. I even recently, FINALLY, got my hubby off toxic deodorant. But I feel. After looking back on the last year or too. I really SLACKED. Some things I use now I consider acceptable. I would not have then. Mostly because they were inexpensive and available locally.

2 years ago. My hormones were bad. So bad. And an iffy thyroid. My doc put me on progesterone. The constant leg pain I had went almost completely away.

Now nothing agaisn’t Tide + Oxi...but it is most definitely not clean.

However, it does work wonderfully in our water. I am still using Tide + Oxi. Mostly because I have yet to find a suitable clean replacement. ANYWHO. I started using a lot of “normal” cleaners in the last year because I was tired of fighting the cleaning water with clean products fight. And I think this didn’t help my present health situation.

Well long about when the refrigerator died this summer, I ran out of my progesterone. And since it needed refrigerating, I figured I would just wait until the Refrigerator was fixed. Well. 3 months later when the refrigerator was finally fixed, I was in agony. Even after I started back on the progesterone, it was like I was better but worse. It started slowly. A crappy sick evening and a crappy sick half day. That grew into 3 crappy sick days a month. Think bad morning sickness all day without the pregnancy. And then a lovely old migraine that would actually change the shape of my head! Or my head shape was changing and causing nasty migraines. And then Helga wasn’t helping [more on her later].

On a can you squeeze me doc appointment with my naturopath We discussed Helga and the stupid problems with my hormones. And an article on CBD oil healing the heart. Well long story short CBD oil is not something my body likes. BUT. He then brought up HGH. Which apparently my body DOES like. Go figure. So far since starting the HGH. I have had less of the head shape changing headaches. AND, knock on wood, the 3 times a month, feels like morning sickness experiences have stopped. The HGH was a gamble. Financially, as well as it actually helping what I needed help with. And the only reason I was willing to try it was because it could possibly help my hormones AND my heart. Bonus.

Oh. And Helga. Let us not forget about her. And her spawn. Pedro + Toulouse. She showed up out of nowhere in October and has decided she likes it here. I have no clue as to what she is. Abscess, sebaceous cyst, boil, cystic acne, who knows! She is of the bacteria family is all I can tell you. And I just would like them gone. I believe I finally got rid of Pedro. But Toulouse is still a “shadow of his former self”. So I am watching him like a hawk. I am googling like mad trying to get rid of her. And him. I will not go to a dermatologist after being told I will just be put on a antibiotic and given steroids. Nope. Nope. Nope.

So far all paths lead to the endocrine system….Lord help us.