How blogging is making me less introverted.

how blogging is making me less introverted

I am an introvert. 99% of the time I am not the life of the party. I am the responsible old lady type.


Yeah sometimes I have a wild moment, like with the easter egg here, but I am a generally a serious sort.

easter egg fun AKA me NOT being an introvert

I have been doing a lot of research...well finding info for myself really...on branding, social media, and blog boosting. I had an epiphany the other morning as I was waiting for the hubby to get back with a wagon. The day involved cleaning out a fence line before we lost the skid steer my father in law generously lends us each winter.

Blogging is making me be more social than I am naturally. I am the kind that likes to just sit and watch people in whatever they are doing. Blogging is making me interact with people I don't know. People...I don't even toot my own horn around my family. So me going out into internet land and commenting and having conversations is BIG.

It is also letting me BE more vocal on matters. Blogging lets me vent, like the time I got upset, hurt, and offended  on Facebook and wrote the post, Community. Or when it hit me that I tend to make Excuses. My hubby sometimes is not the best to talk to so I come here. And write in the Journal category. Because I know there are tons of people out there like me.

I am finding so many good articles on how to blog around being an introvert. Just go to Pinterest and search "blogging for introverts"...

pinterest - blogging for introverts

There is nothing wrong with being an introvert. We just need to learn how and when to speak up sometimes. I am not comfortable around strangers but these lovely bloggers below have made me feel sooo comfortable in letting me express myself and where I want Old Country Love to go. {Like using the word "y'all"...I love it, even though I am a northerner. My grandma has spent half MY life in the south so I consider it a second home.}