Heat Source Story...part 1

Stove T

Last winter we had some really nasty, cold days. Now I love winter and the cold but I do not like it when I can not get warm! I had to look at a disconnected wood stove sitting in my living room while I froze. YUCK & BRR! This year has been crazy to say the least, and I canceled my new year's resolution. Very bummed about this but it had to be done. It was get it done this year and not have things the way I would like them or baby step it over a longer period of time. I chose the long road.

I changed my goals to 2 big projects and some little ones (see previous post, Blue Funk). Obviously when you read heat source your going to think of our wood stove. Since I cannot give you step by step directions I can tell you what we have done...

Chimney pipe thru exterior wall and connected to exterior pipe

Exterior chimney pipe T, clean out pipe and section above T connected (temp)...we also have 95% of the pipe purchased, just waiting to see if we need to specific pieces.

Started hearth pad- all wood stoves need a hearth pad with a required R-value for the stove you are putting in. We could not find the right size of pad so we are diy-ing it, of course. Right now the mortar is curing/drying and I am waiting to grout!

Cleaned out stove - since the kids accidentally knocked stuff in the stove we had to take the fire bricks out and turn it upside down to get out toys. At this point we changed the standard pedestal base to the leg base which I wanted, fun for the hubby!

...I  know that does not seem like much but believe me once I get grout and it has dried we can set that stove on the tile and start on the interior chimney pipe, and then we can be on the home stretch!