Happy Dance!!!

We have gotten a lot done in the last week, and I am so freakin' excited. The bathroom needs a good ole scrub down after all that work we got done. Hopefully I will have the "Before and After" post of the bathroom soon.

I have made some changes to the stairway since my last post. I started by sanding all that  patchy blue/green in the stairs. As well as some paint brush work, a coat of primer and 1st coat of color, not telling, it is a suprise. We are working on the list of little things for the stairs tomorrow. Like trim, stair half walls {master bedroom side}, stair nose, some more paint, etc. My hubby is just happy it does not have to do with the stair risers or treads! I will also have an art gallery DIY for you as soon as the stairs are revealed!

Chomping at the bit to get more done!!!