Girl Speak with Forked Tongue

Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes...they don’t tell the truth...
— The Temptations

My girl. She done me wrong. So wrong! Princess Pea has started down the path of lying. And it seems to be habitual.

Let me rewind. About a month ago. I caught Pea in a lie. And thankfully it only cost me $3. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when the kids lost their screen time. Well. A glass mixing bowl, a spatula, and a measuring cup went missing. Right after that they lost screens this all happened. First, I found the mixing bowl. On top of an antique cabinet. Covered in paint. We had a discussion about cleaning up messes instead of hiding them. Okay end of story. Or so I thought.

About a week later I thought I had gone nuts about the spatula and measuring cup. I couldn’t remember when I used them last. Then I wondered if she put them away in the wrong spot[she has dishwasher duty]. NOPE. Found them Saturday. While cleaning. With her. In the living room. Hidden under a billiards chest we use for coats.

She denied it.

The whole thing. That she used them inappropriately. That it was her paint. That she hid them there. That she didn’t know where they were when I asked multiple times. BLANK FACE OF STUPIDITY. We had a LONGER discussion about using things inappropriately and we should ask on how to clean things up and not hide them. And to definitely not deny the whole ordeal. At this point I am EXTREMELY frustrated that the lying has gone on this long.

Ahem. The lying continues. Saturday evening, I go into the bathroom and find a funny sticker on the vanity. “Use in circular motion.” I am like, “what the fudge is this??” It immediately dawns on me that it is from my flawless. {This is a flawless. An amazing little thing for hair.]


Where is my flawless? Not in its spot. “Oh Princess Pea…” Apparently she doesn’t know where it is and not even what it is. Despite having a clean, hairless area between her eyebrows.

Sigh. I found it in the shower. A place where she had come out of not even 30 minutes earlier. She got sent to bed early.

And now. WE cannot find her tablet. What you want to bet she knows where that is too?? And possibly even on it when she is supposed to be sleeping.

Lord help me.

P.S. I love Pea. And with lots of prayer I am trying to think of any way I can to nip this lying in the bud. I know these words may read as cruel. But this is something I take very seriously. And as a Biblical Christian woman, it is something I do not want my children to get in the habit of.