Flipping: Not for the faint of heart!

So last year we had started this crazy notion of flipping a house. And this past April we had a crazy weird answer to prayer. So the hunt for a flip house began. We saw some pretty interesting things. Mold, rolling floors, and bedrooms that acted as hallways. Then our realtor, who is like family to the family, suggested we stop at a house he had in mind. It was not your typical flip house. No disastrous problems. Everything that needed to be done, the hubby and I could handle.

The price was more than what I was willing to spend on it though. We put in a verbal offer to the sellers, they were not too excited and said no. We kept looking but nothing really struck us as gold. About a month later we were back at the realtors suggested house. Would the sellers be interested in our price this time? Maybe so we gave it to them again, with an as-is after inspections. This time they accepted our offer. However, the inspections brought up a big ouchie. The cast pipe for the sewer was caved in. And they were not sure if it was in the yard ($500 fix) or in the road ($5,000 fix). We kind of backed off. They were not thrilled about taking less because of the sewer pipe and I was not thrilled about staying with our offer and possibly paying out the nose for something that is not pretty even if you could see it. Thankfully our realtor is awesome and they said they would rather fix it and then sell it. Yay for us because the fix involved the road!

So here we are working on our little flip house since August. I will do a before and after post for each room when we get done. But so far we have replaced the roof, some windows, most the electrical, and most the lighting. It sounds like we have come a long way, but I feel like we have barely done anything!