Farmhouse Kitchen DIY Remodel Progress Problems!

Y'all it has been sucky round here. My internet has been giving me all sorts of issues since Sunday. Don't ya love when someone says there going to fix something and then the end of the day comes and you have butt kiss for results? So this lovely Thursday post is being written via cell phone. Yup cell data. My back up emergency internet for at home. 

Normally I try not to use my cell data at home but the last few days it has been necessary. Thankfully I had already written How to DIY Cedar Bathroom Storage and my Diffuse the Situation posts. 

Since I have just my phone to go on I want to show you a sneak peak of what we have been working on at the farmhouse. Please, please, please follow me on Instagram to catch update progress.

Well we have been chugging along on the kitchen the last couple of days. Yay! Monday we got a wall cabinet built and hung. I love it!


Out diy farmhouse kitchen cabinet was easy to build but hard to install.Its so nice to have wall cabinets. Granted mine won't have doors but still. We have a lot of work left to do to get them to how I want them to look. And yes you see that nasty ceiling isn't level. We have a cool fix for that. We are not tackling that issue however until we get the wall cabinets built and installed on the other side.

Hubby also got the doors all built in the last couple of days so I am happy to announce that the faces of the cabinets are primed and painted. As well as the front and sides of the cabinet doors!

The diy farmhouse kitchen cabinet doors are a inset, shaker style door in Simply White by Benjamin Moore with black hardware.

We had a glitch on the one side, my reclaimed drawers couldn't be pulled out! We have another awesome fix for that problem that I will share later.

Seems like everything we tackled the last few days we had a stumbling block. Wednesday's was the cabinet door hinges. They seriously wouldn't work! Ugh I love inset doors yet finding hinges that you barely see that work seem to be hard to find. I am going to be honest. Today I settled on kitchen hinges I didn't really like. Or hinges I thought I wouldn't like...and it turns out I love them!